Woman’s striptease - best strip club of St.Peterburg!

As a quite popular entertainment activity, strip is widely represented in St.Petersburg, but the range of services is often limited, leaving the expectations of those who want to spend their money in a beautiful way unsatisfied.

Situated away from the noisy, traffic-filled central streets, in Angliysky prospect, Strip Club W is designed to change the common perception of clubs of this kind, once and forever. The main focus in developing a concept for the club was to find something new and special. The interior of the main room is decorated in the Baroque theatre style, so it was decided to have a spectacular costume strip show.

Live striptease erotic show

Having broken things up with a striking show, it will come very handy to make your good mood last longer by enjoying one of the wide range of flavors with exclusive handmade Bohemian glass water pipes from the Czech Republic. These water pipes are much safer than popular Arab ones not only thanks to using special coal, but also due to a special design that avoids the use of metal foil. A pole in the center of the hookah room is used by girls for solo strip performances. A wonderful show will help you forget all your worries as you inhale flavored tobacco smoke.

Shattering the greyness of everyday life brilliant show, will be very useful to extend a good mood, enjoying one of the extensive collection of exclusive flavors of Czech hookahs, which are hand-made Bohemian glass. Not only the special coal, but a special design that avoids the use of metal foil, make these hookahs are much safer common Arab. In the center of the room is set hookah pylon, near which are the girls with a solo strip numbers. A marvelous spectacle will fully renounce worries, inhaling flavored tobacco.

Strip night club W a place where you have to visit!

The Greek style of the karaoke room will awaken your love for the beautiful and experienced background singers will help you put it into action in a song from an extensive list. Licensed karaoke songs with professional sound will help reveal any talent. Among the decoration elements, your eyes will be attracted by a large marble fireplace. On special days and occasions, it will be fired up so that the guests could talk to each other while seated in leather armchairs with a glass of wine, or seclude themselves being caught up in thoughts and looking at the fire.

With its variety of entertainments and recreation style, Strip Club W will be of interest not only to men. Couples can also spend an unforgettable weekend night here. The romance of the evening will be supported by the local cuisine developed with a special focus on the high quality of service.


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